Last year, I reluctantly entered my first Whole Life Challenge. When I say, reluctantly, I mean, I 100% did not want to do it. But I got strong armed into it and I’m sooooooo extremely glad I did. Although I found a lot of benefits from it, the one absolute thing I’ve taken from it is 10 minutes of “mobility” each day. I looked at this as an opportunity to do some yoga each day, and it literally changed my life. I now do yoga every morning and it is the best way to start my day.

This video is my go-to 10 minute yoga sequence. Now, I usually spend much more than 10 minutes doing yoga, but when I’m in a rush, this is my minimum flow. It wakes up my body, my mind and just gets me ready for the day. This is also a really easy beginner’s sequence, so if you’re new to yoga, this could be really good for you. This is absolutely, not advanced, so, all you yogis out there will probably find it pretty lame, lol!

Don’t forget to give yourself a “pep talk” before your final namaste! My internal voice always says something like, “You got this girl.”

As always, ignore my awkwardness and just do your thing. Enjoy!

Kelli down dog

Please note: You are responsible for your own body if you attempt these workouts. I don’t have control and am not liable if you fall or injure yourself by attempting these exercises.