Kelli using the TRX Suspension Trainer

I teach a core class at a small local gym once a week. When new people enter my classroom, they are often taken aback when they see the TRX trainers setup. I’ve found many people have some fears when it comes to using the TRX and believe me, I was once there! My first experience getting into any real strength training was at my first TRX class and I quickly fell in love with the tool and workouts. By no means did I find my first TRX experience easy (and I still don’t), but there were many things I liked about it that I think make it a great tool you should be using!

Pick Your Level

Most movements using the TRX can be done from a variety of body angles, known as the Vector Principle. The more shallow your body angle, the more body weight you’re going to use during a movement. So, want to use less body weight, widen your angle to the ground. This is always one of my TRX selling points, you can make it as easy or as hard as you want!

Instability = Extreme Core Work

When you use a TRX Suspension Trainer, there is a natural instability that happens. You really have to focus your core muscles to keep your body more stable. This always creates an great core workout no matter what movement you’re doing on the TRX. I’m a firm believer in strengthening your core. Many people really don’t understand how important core strength is, especially as we get older. Not that we’re aging at all. In fact, I think we’re getting younger, right?

Build Strength

I’ve found the movements done on the TRX are great for building strength and working on movements that you can later use in different ways. For example, I suck at push ups. I don’t know what it is, but I no matter how many I do each week, I never feel myself getting stronger with them. But doing chest presses on the TRX is helping me gain more of that upper body strength. Just in general, I’ve seen myself get stronger using the TRX and my own body weight. It’s quite nifty!

Other random thoughts:

  • You know when you see those really fit women with amazing backs, yeah, you can get that with the TRX!
  • For some reason, I hate lower body workouts, but with the TRX, I feel they are more enjoyable.
  • If you’re one of those people (no judgement, but kind of), the TRX can be used anywhere! My boyfriend takes it on vacations (I know) and uses it in hotel rooms or hanging from tree limbs.
  • No, I’m not getting commission on this post (yet!)