About Kelli and My SemiFit Life

Hi, I’m Kelli!

I wanted to start off by saying that I am not a fitness expert by any means. So please understand that before we go any further. Here are a few things that I am, since we all know now that I’m not a fitness expert:

  • I am someone who will order a salad with a side of fries
  • I am someone who teaches fitness classes, but also rarely wants to workout
  • I am someone that lives in my yoga pants yet am somehow still obsessed with style, clothes and shoes

Other real things about me: I started what I consider my fitness journey, slowly and in my living room along to Zumba DVDs that took me six months to pay off. I also thought I was going to get ripped using my Wii Fit twice a week. I took up running once upon a time, which really was more jogging, and actually checked an item off my bucket list, running a Disney race!

I 100% consider myself “SemiFit.” Even though I typically workout about six days a week, teach fitness classes and basically live at the gym.* I didn’t always live at the gym. In early 2019, my boyfriend opened his own facility and it turned into our second home very quickly. I love my gym family and fully credit any passion I have for working out to the people I’ve met through fitness.

Kelli chillin' in the blossoms

Truth is, the people and the social aspect of the gym is what I love most. I met my two best friends through Zumba and most of my closest friends I also met through classes. As an adult I’ve found my closest relationships are maintined during class bitch sessions and after class food and drinks. 

By day, I work from home for a company based out of Arizona. I sit at my computer all day and every once and awhile, I’ll get outside to take my dog for a walk around the block just to take a break. I start every workday morning with 10-20 minutes of yoga, a cup of coffee and a social media binge. It’s called balance and that’s how I live my life.

I’m here to share some of my random thoughts, things I’ve learned, funny stories and probably some workouts here and there. I know there are more people like me in the world than people like the fitness influencers I follow on social media. The kind of people who usually (not always) push themselves during their workout and then have two glasses of wine with dinner. These are my people and you’re why I decided to start this little project. You’re going to learn a lot about me, but hopefully, we’ll learn a lot about ourselves together. I’m here to invite you to join my SemiFit Life and the #SemiFitSquad

*Gym life was prior to COVID-19 pandemic. I can’t wait to get back! (April, 2020)
**Gym is open as of June 1, 2020! If you have social anxiety about the gym, check out this post!

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