As we’re stuck at home, I thought I’d share some household items you can you as alternatives to workout equipment you’d find at the gym. There of course are many more options, this is just a short guide that includes some workouts you can do with each item. If you’re going to be doing a full workout, might I suggest using an empty milk jug filled with water as opposed to milk so it doesn’t spoil! Happy workout!

Illustrated guide of household items you can you as an alternative to workout equipment.

Milk jug instead of a kettlebell

When it comes to my workouts, I love using a kettlebell for all sorts of different movements. If you don’t have one at home, try using a gallon milk jug filled with water. You could also use your liquid laundry detergent jug! Workouts to try with your jug:

  • Halos: work those arms, shoulders and triceps by circling the jug around your head. Don’t forget to switch directions, keep your core strong and keep a slight bend in your knees.
  • Goblet squats: hold that jug tight up to your chest and squat keeping your posture upright. For an extra challenge, extend the jug out in front of you and then back in each time you squat.
  • Russian twists: with your booty on the ground, hold the jug to your chest and rotate your core side to side, brining your head and shoulders with you. Feet can be grounded, or lifted, just keep that lower body as still as possible.

Canned goods instead of dumbbells

I never have two of the same canned goods in my pantry it seems. Do you? Either way, grab a couple, or maybe a couple water bottles filled, and use them instead of dumbbells. Workouts to try with your cans:

  • Curl & press: with a can in each hand, do a bicep curl and then press them above your head. If it’s too much, you can alternate between arms. Again, keep that core strong with a slight bend in your knees.
  • Alternating lunges: either front or back lunges will do. Keep the cans down by your side or you can add a curl at the bottom, or maybe a press at the top. You could even do a twist at the bottom with the cans at your chest.
  • Sit up to cross punch: with the cans at your chest, do a sit up and at the top reach the opposite arm across your body to the opposite knee, one on each arm. You could also make this easier by staying at the top of your sit up and throwing those cross body crunches.

Cushion instead of a pilates ball

The pilates ball is one of my favorite pieces of equipment. Lots of core and balance work can get done using it and a cushion from you couch or bed can do the trick at home. Here are a few options to get your shoulders, abs and booty burning:

  • Superman shoulder lifts: lying on your stomach with the cushion in your hands outstretched overhead, lift your head and shoulders and then lift the cushion as far up off the ground as you can. Not as easy as you would think!
  • Leg lowers: lying on your back, put the cushion between your ankles and lift your legs up to the ceiling. Slowly lower your legs down to the ground and then slowly lift back up. You may want to place your hands under your tail bone if it’s rubbing on the ground, or try putting your arms in a T.
  • Donkey kicks: on all fours, place the cushion behind one knee and hold in place between you calf and hamstring. Then, lift that leg up, kicking like a donkey. Make sure to squeeze the cushion and don’t forget to switch sides.

Chair instead of a plyometric box

Of course with the plyometric box, the first thing you think of is box jumps. However, I’d prefer you don’t fall if a chair gets knocked over when trying those at home, so unless you feel super confident that your chair is extra stable, I’d just stay away from them at home. Actually, just be super careful trying any of these exercises, ok? Here are some workouts you can get done using a chair:

  • Dips: get those triceps burning by facing away from the chair and placing your palms, hands facing you on the edge of the seat. Keeping your body close to the chair, lower your body down without resting your bottom on the ground and push back up.
  • Step ups: as an alternate to box jumps and a good leg/booty workout, you can do alternating step ups on the chair. Make sure to get your whole foot on the chair, and toward the middle, and then push and lift, brining the opposite knee high. Step back down, and alternate either ever step, or maybe every 5. Your choice.
  • Knee tucks: sit on the chair but with the back to one side of you. Hold on to the seat and tuck your knees into your chest and then extend. Get those reps in and feel the burn!

Please note: You are responsible for your own body if you attempt these workouts. I don’t have control and am not liable if you fall or injure yourself by attempting these exercises.